Digital Film Festival

Digital Film Festival

Digital film is a type of cinema production that uses digital representation.

Rather than using analogue techniques like the traditional film optical and performance systems, digital films use digital cameras, digital projectors and digital audio soundtracks to make a film. Few years ago most international film festivals shun the digital film industry.

Now, the digital films and animations are commonly found on mainstream international film festivals. These international film festivals laid the foundation for the pioneering digital film festivals.

The digital film festivals became known in the mid 1990s. Digital film festivals showcase a lot of artist and film makers that use the budding tools of desktop digital film making. The earliest digital film festivals are the “Low Res”, “onedotzero”, and the “Exploding Cinema”.

Low Res was later divided in to two events; the “DFilm” and “RESFest”. Today, lots of digital film festivals have surfaced. These are the “.Mov”, “Darklight”, “Bifilm”, “0110” and “Clone”. “.Mov” is in Japan while Darklight is from Ireland. Bifilm in Germany while “0110” is in India and “Clone” is in Norway.

RESFest was established in 1996 and is one of the leading digital film festivals in North America. RESFest showcases new digital film makers side by side with “onedotzero” of England. RESFest is one of the digital film festivals that tours around the world.

RESFest has traveled to almost forty cities in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Japan, Australia, Brazil and various cities in Europe, Asia and Africa. RESFest established after the closure of the Low Res Digital Film Festival by Jonathan Wells.

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Jonathan Wells along with Bart Cheever was the creator of the Low Res Digital Film Festival. After the disbandment of the Low Res Digital Film Festival, Bart Cheever created the DFilm digital film festival and online movie maker.
Onedotzero is a yearly digital film festival that tours around the world.

Onedotzero is based on London, England and was established in 1996 by the film critic named Matt Hanson of the Institute of Contemporary Arts in London. 

It instigated a pioneering program of experimental film, film making and moving images that are using the rising desktop digital film making tools.

Onedotzero then extended its programming to embrace the rising visual style made from graphic designs, music videos, video games, motion graphics and Japan. Onedotzero also features pioneering Video Jocks and new media performances.

Onedotzero held its first full festival in 1997. Today, onedotzero is sponsored by the Arts Council of England.

All of the digital film festivals across the globe aims to develop the digital film making industry and tries to enhance the technology in the digital film industry and to revolutionalize the digital cinema.

Now, the forefronts of the international film festivals have included digital films in their programs.

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